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Fishing Heritage Museum
Project Value
  • BS 1090 CE Fabrication
  • Examination & Redesign
  • Galvanising

Restoring Access To One Of Great Grimsby’s Most Famous Landmarks

Firstly, we carried out a comprehensive structural examination of the old gantry. The results of the examination proved that the existing gantry was not fit for purpose, so we removed and transported it back to our site.

We took all the dimensions and measurements from the old design and transposed them to our software to redesign for our BS 1090 CE structural standards.

The fabrication team took several weeks to fabricate the gantry taking time to make sure that all measurements were 100% correct. We sent the gantry to a specialist company for galvanising to protect it from all weather conditions. We had the gantry load tested and transported it back to the heritage museum where we then refitted it to the quayside and the Ross Tiger.

A Proud Moment

Thanks to the Fishing Heritage Museum we were allowed to attach our Bacon Engineering Great Grimsby sign to both sides of the Gantry. The grand opening performed by the Grimsby Mayor was attended by a local school and featured on That’s TV.

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