National Grid
Project Value
  • BS 1090 CE Fabrication
  • 20 Tonne of Materials
  • Non-Destructive Testing

BS 1090 CE Welding In The Humber

We are currently working on a project to fabricate a Pipe Thruster Frame that will carry a pipe line under the river Humber from the South Bank to the North. This has been a magnificent achievement for our coded welders who have worked to our BS 1090 CE standard to create a complex structure that weighs in excess of 20 tonnes.

Our team have worked to very tight tolerances with all welding performed at the highest level. We have non-destructive tests performed on our welding so we know that they conform to a very high standard and are 100% solid.

Spring 2020

The frame has been fabricated in 6 parts so it can be easily transported to a site near the South Bank ready for reassembly and commissioning.

We expect the Truster Frame to be put into operation sometime in Spring this will well published on local media.

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